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Contraception for Men

Contraceptive is something (usually a device or drug) which is used to help prevent a woman becoming pregnant.

Male condoms are made from very thin latex (rubber), polyisoprene or polyurethane, and are designed to stop a man's semen from coming into contact with his sexual partner. Please note that condoms are the only form of contraception that will prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Condoms have a failure rate of up to 15% but this is almost always because they haven't been put on properly, or haven't been replaced properly if they fall off during sex. If used correctly, condoms are 98% effective however it is always recommended that condoms are used in conjunction with other contraceptive methods e.g. the pill, implant etc.

A condom must not be used more than once. Do also check that the condom has not expired (Expiry Date) and that it has a British "Kite" Safety Mark. After sex, do check the condom has not broken and/or semen (sometimes known as "come") spilled. If this has happened after vaginal sex, it is very important that the woman seeks emergency contraception.

Where to get them:

All Bexley residents can get free condoms from any sexual health clinic. Please click the Sexual Health Clinics tab to find your nearest clinic. You can also buy condoms (from as little as 1) at numerous retail outlets including pharmacies, supermarkets, corner shops and petrol stations (often open 24 hours a day). We also recommend buying condoms online from the NHS Freedom Shop.

If you are aged 16 to 24, you can benefit from the London C Card scheme which offers a range of sexual health services including free condoms from outlets such as libraries, pharmacies, youth centres and some schools. For more information, visit the London C Card scheme.

Where can I get it

Male sterilisation involves a vasectomy (the tubes the tubes that carry sperm from a man's testicles to the penis are cut, blocked or sealed). Male sterilisation is usually performed under a local anaesthetic. Sterilisation is only recommended for people who are very certain that they do not want children, or do not want further children (for whatever reason).

Visit NHS Choices to find out more; you will only be considered for sterilisation following extensive consultation with a medical practitioner at your local Sexual Health Clinic or GP practice.

Where to get it

Your GP or Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic can refer you for sterilisation if you are happy that you have completed your family.

Find out more about Vasectomies at the NHS Choices website

Where can I get it